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England is weird.

Apr 8, 2004 — I'm in England right now, and even though you know they drive on the left side of the road, it still freaks you out when you're actually driving. And they don't have been jerky or Cheese-Its here. But best of all, they have "Southern Fried Chicken" Ramen noodles.

Everything is weird. I love it here.

I'm in a pub last night and I bum a cigarette. Plastered across the big sides of the cigarette packs are the statements "CIGARETTES KILL" and "CIGARETTES CAUSE IMPOTENCY". Its great to see that on all the cigarette packs in the liquor store, and a line of people to buy cigs. Gorgeous.

Baggy says:

Yeah, you can find these things on the cigarette packs in Italy too...

Probably you can find them everywhere in the European Comunity.

I'm waiting for those famous cigarettes that come with a skull and a crossbone on the front of the pack to come out to go back to smoking. I promise to all of you that if they do come out I will go back to smoking.

DataBind() says:

Those are still out -- Black Death cigarettes. They also make vodka.

Baggy says:

Black Death... where can I find them? Not here in Europe...

If they also make vodka, they must by russian then...

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