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Jul 25, 2002 — [link http://www.brainofbrian.com/facts.html]This[/link] is where I found out that you can use the coconut milk from young coconuts in an IV drip, and have it work. Interesting.

cstokes says:

Work as what?

klisq says:

As an intravaneous drip -- it can work as a substitute for blood plasma in an emergency.

Bryce says:

Let me use my bamboo radio to tell Gilligan!

jpwain says:

I knew a guy in high school who would scrape the pithy stuff off the inside of bananna peels, dry it and smoke it. Said it gave him the best high ever.

Of course, this is the guy who smoked pot [i]in[/i] math class and was known all over town for having a near-limitless supply of nitrous oxide that he would use, abuse and dose out to his friends.

Dylan says:

That's weird. I always thought Adrian just drank coffee. Like, that's [i]all[/i] he did. [i]Ever.[/i] I mean, sometimes he'd stop drinking to say something random about food containers or tell me I'm a bastard for using a BFG, but those moments were rare.

jpwain says:

Yeah. One time he had to take a coffee break from drinking coffee. So he had a cup or two and then went back to drinking coffee.

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